Brussels politicians believe Brexit talks will collapse, Remainer Peter Wilding tells George Galloway

The Brexit result has proved hugely divisive

Campaigners are seen with placards demonstrating against the Brexit result

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A leading Remain campaigner has told George Galloway that politicians in Brussels believe the Brexit talks will end in "a crash-landing."

Peter Wilding made the claim on George's talkRADIO show, while saying he accepts the results of the referendum in June and believes Britain mustn't be an "arsonist of Europe."

Wilding, director of the British Influence thintank, said Britain must "get engaged" in Europe and play a central role in healing the wounds of the continent even after it leaves the EU.

George said he was impressed by Wilding's arguments but said that the EU is "riven with structural flaws" and said a series of high-speed trains are heading towards Brussels in the form of political unrest in France, Italy and Germany.

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