Budget 2017: 'Country's paying heavy price for Government going nowhere,' says Labour MP Jack Dromey

Budget 2017: 'Country's paying heavy price for Government going nowhere,' says MP Jack Dromey

The MP for Birmingham Erdington said he didn't have much faith in the budget to Julia Hartley-Brewer

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Labour MP Jack Dromey  has told talkRADIO he doesn't have much faith in the Government's ability to face the country's challenges ahead of the official unveiling of the autumn Budget. 

Philip Hammond is due to unveil the Budget at around 12:30pm in the House of Commons. 

In it, he's expected to promise investment in order to build a brighter future for Britain. 

But Dromey, the MP for Birmingham Erdington and Shadow Minister for Labour, told Julia Hartley-Brewer he wasn't convinced this aim would be achieved.

He said: "I’m not expecting very much, to be perfectly frank. This is a Government going nowhere and the country is paying a heavy price.

"If you look at their record, wages stagnation, household debt up, productivity down, skills crisis, investment down, we’re at the bottom of the league table for most things in the OECD and indeed globally.

"It’s a record of failure. The government have cut, cut and cut again, there’s been serious growing consequences, they don’t begin to show any hint of being able to get their act together.

"So will there be a couple of goodies to enthuse the demoralised ranks of the Tory party? Without doubt. Will this be a budget that rises to the challenge of what the country needs? I doubt it.”

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