Burglar 'broke into home and was discovered sleeping in bed'

'Burglar broke into home and was discovered sleeping in bed'

The man was found in a bed (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A suspected burglar was caught sleeping in a bed at a home he had broken into in Beijing.

He was found when the homeowner returned on Wednesday last week (June 7), according to The Star.

The farmer pulled the covers off the man to find that he was still wearing all of his clothes, which were dirty.

The suspect then tried to leave but the homeowner locked the door and asked neighbours to help detain him inside.

Reports claim the alleged burglar then told police that he wasn't a thief but had simply walked through a door which was open and got into bed because he was tired and hungry.

However police say he actually went into the house to look for cash and valuables, although failed in finding any.

The suspect also claimed that he left his home in February after an argument and has been travelling through several counties since then, stealing items in order to survive. Because of this nomadic journey, he said, he was still wearing his winter clothes, even though it is now summer in Beijing.

Police are still investigating the incident.