‘Bus lanes should be banned,’ says spokesperson of British Drivers’ Alliance

‘Bus lanes should be banned,’ says spokesperson of British Drivers’ Alliance

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Roger Lawson, from the Alliance of British Drivers, has said that “bus lanes should be banned” and that they cause traffic congestion rather than solve it.

Drivers were fined more than £41 million last year for using bus lanes, according to figures obtained by comparison site Confused.com. 

Mr Lawson told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “One of the problems with bus lanes is that most bus lanes actually reduce the total number of people that can travel through the junction.

“We are generally opposed to most bus lanes and I think bus lanes should be banned.

“They are basically just lanes for queue jumpers.”

He added: “Bus lanes create congestion in many cases rather than solve it.

“People don’t switch to buses similarly because they are a bit faster through a junction.”


'Money generators' 

Almost half of the drivers who received fines were unaware that they had even driven into a bus lane.

Mr Lawson said bus lanes are “money generators” for councils who are having money “difficulties”.

“A lot of bus lanes are just money generators for the council who are struggling for cash at the moment,” he said.

 “They are having great difficulties with their budgets so they want to collect all the possible money from fines on bus lanes, yellow boxes, parking etc.

“That is very damaging to road safety.”

The bus lane which produced the most fines was on Oxford High Street, where the lane cost drivers £1,488,120 in 2017.