Businessman who told Prime Minister to axe Brexit deal says it will be 'devastating' for UK

Roger Kendrick

Roger Kendrick questions the Prime Minister at CBI conference.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A businessman who urged Theresa May to drop her Brexit deal at the annual CBI conference yesterday has claimed it will be "devastating" for the UK.

Roger Kendrick was met with jeers after asking the Prime Minister to "think again" about the draft withdrawal agreement at the annual event, before calling the Confederation of British Industry the "Confederation of European Industry".

Appearing on the breakfast show, Mr Kendrick defended his decision to challenge the Prime Minister, who at the time dismissed his line of questioning as a "little inaccurate".

"It is unprecedented for a country to sign an international trade agreement without a unilateral exit clause, and that is going to be devastating on this country," he told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"In order to get what Theresa May calls 'frictionless trade' with the EU we have to accept a huge range of regulatory burdens, that the EU will in future, according to the withdrawal agreement, impose on us.

"The real problem with the withdrawal agreement is that we can't get out of it."

He claimed that the European Union was "desperate to hang on" to payments it receives from the UK.

"The problem is that the whole of this agreement that Theresa May has entered into is dedicated to preserving our goods trade with Europe.

"Barnier has made it very clear in the European Parliament that he is desperate to stop us from competing."