Bust of Hitler, Nazi guns and ancient fossils found in amazing Buenos Aires raid

This Nazi dagger was among the images found in the raid

One of the objects found during the raid

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Authorities in Argentina have uncovered an amazing trove of Nazi relics in a series of raids in Buenos Aires.

The raids took place in two municipalities which are located in the north of the national capital. 

Among the items found by the Argentine Federal police as they conducted the raids were a bust of Adolf Hitler, a sculpture of the German imperial eagle, and various weapons bearing the Nazi insignia such as daggers and pistols.

Even more bizarrely, the search teams also found fossil artefacts such as polished ammonites, amber and pieces of the shell of a glyptodon - an ancient relative of the armadillo that lived in south America around 2.5 million years ago.

Police chief Nelson Roncaglia said all the items were acquired illegally and they had been sealed off behind a false wall. The authorities believe they were plundered from their countries of origin, but not robbed outright.

The premises had been on police radar since late 2016, when agents working for the Cultural Crimes Investigation unit had found they were selling various artefacts protected by heritage laws. An investigation was opened shortly thereafter, culminating in the recent raids.

All the seized mobjects remain under guard until they can be repatriated, while the Nazi artefacts will be taken to the Holocaust Museum, according to security minister Patricia Bullrich.

The minister added: "We are very moved. It's very impressive to find these original pieces with Nazi symbols, emblems of a tragic period of history."

You can see a video of the amazing discovery below.