Buzzfeed hacked by OurMine group in response to Saudi teen article

Buzzfeed hacked by OurMine group in response to an article

Buzzfeed was hacked this morning (Getty)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Buzzfeed website was hacked this morning, meaning several articles were altered.

Buzzfeed tweeted “The hacking group OurMine altered several posts on following BuzzFeed News reporting on the group.”

The hack was reportedly a response to an article posted about an alleged Saudi member of their group who hacked celebrity accounts. 

The group had denied the person's involvement in the group, saying they were just a fan.

The text of a number of Buzzfeed articles was replaced, including the one outing the teenager as a hacker. Many of the headlines were changed to read “Hacked by OurMine”.

They also wrote: "Hacked by OurMine, don’t share fake news about us again, we have your database. Next time it will be public don’t [expletive] with us!"

Reportedly OurMine have hacked websites and celebrity social media accounts, such as the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter, using them to advertise a personal and business security consultancy. 

Buzzfeed staff have said they are working to restore the articles.