Cabbie who knocked star ballet dancer off motorbike says 'he could have killed me'

Driver claims motorcyclist could have killed him instead by speeding

Abdul Qayyum is accused of killing a motorcyclist (Stock image)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A minicab driver accused of killing a motorcyclist through reckless driving has blamed the biker for going too fast - and said either one of them could have been killed,

The driver, Abdul Qayyum, was making a hands-free phone call at the time Jonathan Ollivier was knocked off his motorbike and into a lamppost in north London, according to Court News UK.

Ollivier, a ballet dancer, suffered head injuries and died at the scene on August 9 last year. He had been due to star in the final performance of The Car Man at Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

Prosecutors claim Qayyum was possibly distracted by the phone call and therefore didn't look before going over give way lines.

However the minicab driver claims that he did look at the road, but did not see the ballet dancer until the crash. Ollivier had been travelling at 50mph in a 30mph zone, it is claimed.

Qayyum told the court: "I didn’t see him because he was too fast. The time when I looked I did not see him."

When the minicab driver was asked why he didn't stop at the give way sign, he responded: "It is not a stop sign. When I looked on my left everything was clear. There was nothing coming, so next I looked ahead.

"I think my car was large enough to be seen. [The motorcyclist] didn’t even bother to slow down.

"If he was on a main carriageway that does not mean you can drive 50mph. I could have died and you could be prosecuting him."

He has denied one count of causing death by careless driving.