'Cabinet members who disagree with Theresa May should resign', says Leave Means Leave

'Cabinet members who disagree with Theresa May should resign', says Leave Means Leave

Richard Tice says we shouldn't pay a divorce settlement to the EU

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cabinet members who don't agree with Theresa May need to return to the backbenches as we need Brexit resolved by Christmas, according to a leading Brexiteer.

Reports have claimed that the UK is prepared to pay the EU a 'divorce bill' of £36 billion for Brexit, however a Downing Street source has claimed this will not happen as it wouldn't be acceptable to the Government and public.

Richard Tice, the co-chairman of the Leave Means Leave campaign group told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "The reality is we should pay zero. Then the question is actually, well, should we pay anything to remain part of certain programmes.

"If there are cabinet members who don’t agree with [Theresa May] then rather than carping from the sidelines or taking advantage of the Prime Minister's holiday, they should resign and go back to the backbenches.

"They’re damaging the negotiating position and leverage of the Prime Minister and David Davis, our chief negotiator."

Tice also said, rather than holding the negotiations in small blocks, the talks should be constant and concluded as quickly as possible.

"Our suggestion is that it’s quite right to try for a deal but that we should accelerate the negotiating process," he added.

"I think the negotiating team should be working frankly 24/7 seven days a week to get this agreement either done and resolved and agreed as soon as possible, definitely by Christmas, or we should walk away."

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