Calais Jungle is now a lethal free-for-all, says charity CalAid after Eritrean death

'The threat of eviction is increasing desperation in the Calais Jungle', says charity CalAid

An Eritrean migrant from the Calais Jungle was killed by a British driver (Getty)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The looming threat of eviction has pushed migrants in Calais to a peak of desperation, according to charity CalAid.

Volunteer Siobhan Wall was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer after an Eritrean migrant died after being hit by a British driver on a motorway near Calais, as a number of migrants reportedly tried to enter the vehicle. 

Officials have said some migrants set upon the driver, who had stopped to help the man after the accident.

"They really do want to leave, the threat of eviction next week is playing on everybody's mind because no information have been given by the French police about how that will take place," Wall said.

"There's no information for the people living in the camp about the different asylum processes that are open to them. There's no translators, there's no lawyers available to talk to them.

"It's in a wealthy Western country it should have been set up with proper humanitarian facilities from the beginning, and it's been ignored by both the French and British government."

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