California: Four people dead after shooting in Rancho Tehama

Four people dead after shooting in northern California

The event happened at various locations, including a school, in Rancho Tehama, three hours north of San Francisco

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Four people have died after a shooting in northern California.

The incident took place on Tuesday at around 8am local time (4pm GMT) in a rural area called Rancho Tehama, three hours north of San Francisco.

Officers were called to numerous places around the area where shots had been fired, including at an elementary school.

The gunman is alleged to have tried to gain entry into the school itself, firing shots through windows and walls.

At least one student was injured by the gunfire, but there were no reported fatalities at this location.

The perpetrator was shot dead by police in another location.

It is believed he had prior contact with local law enforcement, and police have picked up numerous weapons understood to have belonged to him.

This shooting occurred less than two weeks after another man shot dead 25 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

It also occurred while America is still recovering from the deaths of 58 people in Las Vegas – the country’s worst mass shooting in recorded history.