California House of Horrors: Louise Turpin left all 13 kids alone to have sex with man she met online, sister claims

Louise Turpin's sister claims she left 13 children alone whilst having sex with man she met online

Louise Turpin is accused of torturing her children

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The sister of Louise Turpin, the California woman suspected of torturing her own children, has claimed she once left all 13 kids alone to meet a man for sex.

Teresa Robinette made the claims on television when being interviewed by Megyn Kelly on the TODAY show.

She claimed the woman's husband David Turpin took her to a motel in Alabama, a distance of 2,000 miles from their home, to meet the man she had spoken to online, whilst the older children were left to take care of the younger children at home.

Robinette claimed her sister and her husband wanted to do this so they could “sow the wild oats they didn't sow when they were younger.”

She claimed Louise had told her about the plan herself on the phone some time between 2008 and 2010.


Louise Robinette made the comments to Megyn Kelly (Youtube/TODAY show)

The sister has stated she did not know about the alleged torture taking place in the Turpins home and claims she lost touch with the family a few years ago.

Both David and Louise Turpin have been arrested, after one of their children alerted police in California to the alleged abuse.

The couple have pleaded not guilty to almost 40 counts including charges such as false imprisonment, abuse on a dependent, torture and child abuse.

It is alleged that the children were tied up, made to sleep during the day to ensure they didn't alert neighbours, and beaten for the slighest infraction.