California sues Trump administration over illegal immigrant programme

California sues Trump administration over illegal immigrant programme

California has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

California is suing the Trump administration, claiming the US President's plan to remove a programme which protects young illegal immigrants from being deported is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit filed yesterday (September 11) comes just a week after 15 other states filed similar challenges, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Xavier Becerra, a California attorney general, has said the reason he wanted to file a separate lawsuit to other states was due to California being particularly affected by the plans to remove the programme.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme was created under Obama’s administration and it allows those who were taken to America as children illegally to have the right to temporarily live, work and study in the US legally, once vetted.

If individuals pass vetting, deportation is then deferred for two years and this can be renewed. There are 800,000 people involved in the DACA programme and a quarter of this group live in California.

Becerra previously said the programme is “fully lawful, it’s totally American in its values and it’s an unmitigated success for California’s economy and the country’s economy."

The lawsuit argues that removing DACA "may lead to the untenable outcome that the [Trump] Administration will renege on the promise it made to Dreamers and their employers that information they gave to the Government for their participation in the program will not be used to deport them or prosecute their employers."

However ths has been criticised by We the People Rising, which is a group which calls for tighter immigration laws. Executive director Robin Hvidston said that it is "misguided and premature" and also claimed the lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer money.

She added that Donald Trump has delayed the removal of the programme for six months so the issue can be debated.