Campaign group says World Cup workers in Qatar are suffering 'life-threatening heat'

Campaign group says World Cup workers in Qatar are dealing with 'life-threatening heat'

The group released a statement to warn of dangers for workers

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A campaign group has claimed workers building the World Cup venues in Qatar have been subjected to life-threatening conditions. 

Human Rights Watch has said in a statement that hundreds of workers are dying every year, potentially as a result of extreme heat from the country's climate. 

The statement said the local authorities have refused to make the key climactic information public or properly investigate the deaths. 

From this, HRW is claiming the conditions could endanger millions of other workers from other states around the Gulf, insisting the breaks allocated do not protect the workers. 

The group also claims the systems to control heat and humidity put in place by Humidex, one of the organisers of the tournament, were not as effective as believed. 

A spokesman for the Government in Doha made it clear it was committed to Labour reforms and insisted information relating to "work-related" deaths was made public in 2016.