Car ramming in Tel Aviv moments before Trump visit

Police say the ramming wasn't deliberate (stock photo)

Israeli police say the ramming was an accident (stock photo)

Monday, May 22, 2017

<p>A car has been rammed into pedestrians in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, minutes before US President Donald Trump touched down.</p>

<p>At least five people are injured following the incident, and two are in a critical condition.</p>

<p>Initially witnesses reported seeing attackers fleeing the scene. However, local police are currently saying it was an accident.</p>

<p>Nonetheless the incident has caused panic in the Israeli city, just minutes before President Trump's plane touched down at Ben Gurion airport.</p>

<p>Mr Trump is flying in from Saudi Arabia on the next leg of his Middle East tour. It is reported to be the first-ever direct flight between the two countries.</p>