Caroline Lucas: Theresa May too weak for negotiations with Trump

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas has suggested Theresa May is not in a strong enough position to negotiate trade deals with Donald Trump.

The President is due to sit down with Theresa May on Friday for a working lunch at Chequers, where the Prime Minister will be hoping to thrash out a future trade deal with the US.

The MP for Brighton Pavillion has suggested the Prime Minister won't have much leverage over Trump since announcing her Chequers Brexit White Paper. 

“Obviously Theresa May wants to pursue her proposals for the US-UK trade agreement,” she said on Jamie East’s show on talkRADIO.

“I fear she is going to be in a very weak position in that negotiations, and I don’t think we are going to be in a strong place to have much leverage in terms of the outcomes we would want, so I think that’s a cause for concern.”

Trump will visit the Queen on Friday for tea at Windsor Castle, which Lucas has called “slightly inappropriate”.

“I have no problem with him coming over to have those discussion with the Prime Minister, talking is a good things to do. But I think that the move to a state visit he [Trump] wanted, in other words the tea with the Queen, is slightly inappropriate.”

Ms Lucas will be joining the anti-Trump protests on Friday in London, with other demonstrations set to take place in Oxfordshire, Bristol, Newcastle and Glasgow.

She has warned that the US President should be ‘underestimated’ as he’s clever at ‘manipulating public opinion’.

“I don’t think we should underestimate him, he’s quite clever at manipulating public opinion.

“The message he’s going to get back in the US are that here is standing up for the American people, even though I’m going on the protests tomorrow, I’m also aware that he can spin those protests and just showing what the American people want.”