Cassini probe completes 'suicide dive' into Saturn

Nasa livestreaming as Cassini probe begins final descent onto Saturn

The probe has been reached the end of its mission at the planet

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Cassini probe has completed its final descent into the planet of Saturn, which has been described as a 'suicide drop.'

The probe had been in service since 1997, where it was launched from Cape Canaveral as a joint collaboration between Nasa and the European Space Agency. 

It took seven years for it to reach its destination in 2004, from where it began transmitting data back to Earth as part of a mission to study Saturn and its various moons. 

Now, 13 years after arriving, the dying probe has crashed into the giant gas planet, Nasa has confirmed..

Earlier The Sun had claimed the planet had exploded in Saturn's orbit.

Nasa live-streamed the full end to the mission on YouTube, watch here: