Castle Rock brewery removes 'sexist' branding from Elsie Mo beer

Castle Rock has been accused of sexism

The original Elsie Mo logo is seen on the left, alongside the new, less sexist version

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nottingham-based brewery Castle Rock has rebranded its beer, after being accused of using a sexist image.

Castle Rock Elsie Mo beer was previously branded with a picture of a woman wearing stockings and suspenders as well as showing her cleavage.

This image has been used since 2014. But now the brewery are using a picture of the same woman, this time sitting in an aircraft and not wearing revealing clothes, in tribute to female pilots in World War Two.

However the update has received a mixed reaction. One woman said: “I’m not offended and nor are my friends. It wouldn’t stop us from drinking the beer.”

But another praised the move saying she likes the new design and wants to congratulate “the team that put it together. She's still got a cheeky smile and she rocks the outfit. Nice one Castle Rock."

A woman has featured on the branding since Castle Rock's creation in 1998, according to The Nottingham Post.

This is also not the first time it has rebranded, however its previous changes included enlarging the woman's breasts in 2007.

Colin Wilde, the managing director of the company said: “It is time to acknowledge that the sexualised presentation of Elsie Mo is not accepted by a culture that strives for, and celebrates, equality."

He also said he realises some have been let down by the brand and the company has been questioning the branding for a few years.

Wilde added that the change it mean to celebrate “will and bravery of women both in times gone by and today.”