Cat killer fears after felines found stabbed on south coast

Fears of south coast cat killer on the loose after number of cats found stabbed

A number of cats have been found stabbed in the Brighton area.

Friday, February 8, 2019

A cat killer roaming the south coast is still on the loose after the latest pet was found stabbed to death.

A woman let her cat out after dinner in Brighton just before 7pm on Monday only to be told 30 minutes later that her neighbour had found it bleeding on her doorstep.

The cat sadly died and a vet confirmed it was a result of a stab wound.

Sussex detectives are now investigating the spate of cat deaths and injuries following the most recent death on February 4.

Just one day before South Norwood Animal Rescue (SNARL), which has been investigating the hundreds of animal killings linked to the Croydon Cat Killer - since said by police to have been a fox - in London and beyond, reported a cat was found decapitated in Southwick, Brighton.



In a statement, SNARL said: "On Sunday, February 3, the remains of a cat was found by a resident placed on the pavement outside his gate.

"It was reported that there were no signs of it being dragged there and it looked placed.

"The resident placed the remains in a bag, put it in his shed and called us to report it.

"I went down to collect the remains on Monday.

"It was the front half of a long haired tabbie/tortie possibly black cat.

"The body was damp so difficult to determine The head had also been removed.

"There was no chip present. It is impossible to tell the gender. The injuries are consistent and clearly human related.

"It's a long shot but if anyone is missing a cat that may meet this description or knows someone who is missing a cat then please contact us."



Detective Sergeant Duncan Lloyd said: "We would like to hear from anyone in the area who noticed anyone acting suspiciously around this time on Monday or has any information about similar incidents."

The first deaths were reported in September, with the cats all suffering injuries consistent with stab wounds.

Another victim's owner described the horrific ordeal after her seven-year-old daughter found their cat Merlin slashed open and dying on the street last November.

Claire Taylor, 35, said her devastated little girl had to witness his last moments and that Merlin's injuries were "horrific".



She issued a heart-breaking message to the killer.

She said: "To the person who hurt our Merlin. I forgive you for what you have done, for the hurt and pain you have caused, for the emptiness you have left in our home.

"For the memories of that horrific Monday morning that still haunts us all, having to find our beloved Merlin in such pain meowing with such sadness.

"I forgive you for the tears we have cried because I am saddened that your life has been so loveless that you feel the need to do these things to feel anything.

"I hope that you find inner peace and I pray that you find love.

"Rest in peace Merlin the most gentlest sweetest cat ever.

"I hope that in your death we are able to save many cats from the same fate."