Cat survives after being shot for second time

O'Malley has been blinded by the incident

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A two-year-old cat has survived after being shot in the left eye with an airgun, after previously suffering a gunshot wound to the leg in 2017.

The cat - called O'Malley after a character in Disney's Aristocats - returned home with a swollen cheek and bloody eye, which owner Christine Smith thought was the result of a fight.

However, x-rays taken at the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, revealed the black-and-white cat had been shot.

The pellet was lodged just millimetres from its brain, and O'Malley has been left blind after its removal.

It is the second time the cat has suffered a serious injury.

O'Malley almost died when he was shot in the leg at point-blank range in October 2017.

After his latest brush with death, vet Lawrence Crossfield said he was “incredibly lucky” to survive.

"It is incredibly lucky the pellet didn’t head straight into O’Malley’s brain, which would have killed him outright," he said.

"We had to remove the remaining eye and the pellet from his throat.

"It is just shocking that someone could do this to an innocent animal."

Ms Smith said she was "horrified" that he had been shot for a second time.

"I am appalled that someone has done this to him again," she added.

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