Catalan independence likely to be declared on Monday after Parliamentary resolution

Catalonia voted for independence by an overwhelming majority on Sunday

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The regional Catalan Parliament has agreed to meet on Monday (Wednesday October 4), with the possibility of declaring independence.

The meeting was confirmed following a meeting of Catalan leaders this morning. 

It is not certain that Catalonia will declare independence, but regional president Carles Puigdemont has declared his intention to do so following Sunday's referendum, which returned an overwhelming majority in favour of independence.

Puigdemont has said that he wishes to declare independence, either this weekend or early next week.

The Spanish government, which has been heavily criticised for the violence witnessed on Sunday, maintains that the referendum was illegal and it will reject any declaration of independence.

The King of Spain has expressed similar sentiments, accusing Catalonia of "unacceptable betrayal" and instructed Spanish authorities to restore order in the fractious province.

However Catalonia does have considerable support in the rest of Spain, with left-wing Party Podemos saying it is in favour of giving the Catalan people the right to decide.

There has been pressure from regional Catalan municipalities for Spanish police to withdraw from the hotels in which they are billeted, but interior minister Juan Ignacio Zoido has said no hotel will be vacated.

Vice-president Soraya Santamaria has accused the Catalan municipalities of "mafia behaviour" and said it won't be tolerated, maintaining that the government simply wants to protest the rights of its citizens.