Catalan independence vote: There is a strong possibility of more violence, says local ex-pat

Catalan independence vote: 'There is a possibility of violence going forward', says radio station owner

Jim Kent spoke to Daisy McAndrew about the region's controversial vote

Monday, October 2, 2017

A media owner based in Barcelona has said there is a "strong possibility" of more violence in Catalonia after yesterday's incendiary referendum.

The leader of the region, Carles Puigdemont, has said the area has won its right to statehood after a long and violent day of voting.

Images and media footage showed Spain's Guardia Civil actively attempting to block people from voting in the referendum, which the national government deemed illegal, and some pictures showed people being dragged out of polling stations by their hair.

Jim Kent, who is the founder of English-speaking radio station Barcelona City FM, said this had been "unprecedented", but there was the potential for this to become normal as the region pursues independence.

He told Daisy McAndrew: "We are waking up to a morning of shock.

"We knew there was the potential for trouble, but the scenes of 800 people being injured is truly unprecedented.

"I would say this is just the start, unfortunately, as I'd say Catalonia is still 100% focused on separating from Spain if they possibly can.

"Is there a likelihood of violence and possible unrest? The answer is yes."

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