To 'celebrate' six months of President Trump, here are his top 5 gaffes

From the inauguration to Twitter rants - Donald Trump's top five gaffes

Donald Trump has already made some top gaffes

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Donald Trump has been President for just six months, but he's produced more controversial moments than most of his predecessors managed in their entire four-year terms.

People might have thought that he'd straighten up and fly right upon gaining the keys to the Oval Office, but they've been proved wrong - with Trump setting a shabby and chaotic tone right from the off.

That tone was set when Trump produced some highly questionable numbers regarding his inauguration, and he's continued in the same vein ever since - firing off all manner of baffling tweets about his political enemies.

So, to 'celebrate' six months of America's first orange president, we've produced a video of his top five gaffes. We have to admit it was difficult to whittle the list down to five, but somehow we've managed it.