Celebrate world penguin day with some amazing penguin facts and photos

Today marks world penguin day
Ancestors of penguins were once able to fly
The fastest penguin is a gentoo penguin
The smallest species of penguin is called the little blue penguin
Hunting for fish means ingesting a lot of seawater
When penguins molt it happens all at once, and is called a catastrophic molt
Fossils show the earliest penguin relatives existed 60 million years ago

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's world penguin day, and predictably social media has been flooded with photos to celebrate possibly the cutest animal of them all.

April 25 is roughly the date that penguins migrate northward and this is why many celebrate the species on this day each year.

The penguin is known and loved by millions of people around the world, the subject of everything from acclaimed nature documentaries to funny Disney cameos.

But there are still some things you might not know about the cuddly ice-dwellers - so here are some interesting facts (and yes, more cute photos) to brighten up your Tuesday.

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