Celebrity Big Brother reviewed: "They're repulsive low lives. It's like watching an out of control zoo", says TV critic

'It’s like they’re all raised in a barn', says TV critic Kevin O'Sullivan on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother: "It's like they've all been raised in a barn"

Thursday, August 11, 2016

TV critic Kevin O'Sullivan joined Jonny Gould and Ash on talkRADIO to share his thoughts on the "out of control zoo" that is Celebrity Big Brother.

Christopher Biggins was removed from the CBB house earlier this week over anti-semitic comments, and contestants have been romping naked on the show.

“They’re real low lives, it’s like they’ve all been raised in a barn," the former Sunday Mirror TV critic said. 

"They have no idea how to behave, they are quite repulsive. 

“It’s like watching an out of control zoo, it is car-crash television."

O'Sullivan said that the expulsion of Biggins had been an over-reaction by the programme makers. 

"I’ve seen so many worse things than [Christopher Biggins' comments] over the years," he said. 

“There’s a wider discussion to be had here about what is so wrong with causing offence.

“This nonsense about the absolute spike in hate crimes and racism since the vote [to leave the European Union] is absolute creation for fabrication.

"Be very suspicious about this rise is racism that the powers that be would have us believe, because I don’t think we are like that. 

“I think it’s outrageous that the government seem to be libelling us as a nation.”

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