CEOs earn 300 times more than minimum wage staff, new research shows

Equality Trust analysis shows CEOs earn more than 300 times more than workers on minimum wage

The charity has conducted research on company pay packets

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Equality Trust has urged the Government to force companies to make staff pay gaps public, after their analysis revealed a large disparity between minimum wage workers and CEOs. 

According to the charity's research, the average FTSE 100 company chief earns an estimated 386 times more than workers on the minimum wage. 

They reportedly take home over £5 million a year on average, compared to just over £13,000 for an employee on the £7.20 an hour wage.

As a result of this analysis, the Trust has called for "greater transparency on pay practices" in order to build a fairer society.

It points out public sector workers have seen pay frozen as a result of years of austerity, while executives continue to gain bonuses.