Chanel accused of cutting down 100-year-old trees for fashion show

Chanel accused of cutting down 100-year-old trees for fashion show

Nine trees were used as part of the show

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Chanel has been accused of cutting down trees which were 100 years old for a fashion show yesterday (March 6).

Karl Lagerfeld created the catwalk in Paris which featured leaves over the floor and nine oak and poplar trees in the middle of the venue at the Grand Palais museum.

The benches for those attending to sit on had also been created from trees, according to The Local.

However environmental activists have been outraged by the show. France Nature Environment group claimed Chanel is attempting to "give itself a more green image while completely divorced from the reality of protecting nature."

The group added that nature is not removing trees from forests and using them in a show, only for them to be thrown "into a skip."

However the fashion brand has denied that the trees were 100 years old and pointed out that it "promised to replant 100 new oak trees in the heart of the same forest" the trees had been taken from.

Despite the criticism, fashion critics were delighted with the design and Harper's Bazaar claimed it could have been Lagerfeld's best-ever venue decor.

The show featured long black coats and gold tights as well as fingerless gloves, lace slip dresses and handbags.