Change UK to change name again to avoid legal dispute

Change UK to change name to avoid legal dispute

The party is changing its name to avoid legal action

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Change UK has announced it is applying to change its name to ‘The Independent Group for Change’ to avoid legal action.

The pro-remain party - originally known as The Independent Group - has said it will change its name after being approached by lawyers from 

Change UK was contacted by lawyers from the online petition platform before the European elections, the party has revealed.

In a statement, Change UK said: “Under threat of legal action by, which would have involved each MP being sued personally, and with no time left to register a new party name to content the elections, our leadership at the time felt we had no option but to sign a legal agreement preventing the permanent use of the name Change UK once the campaign was over."

The group added it was now "legally obliged" to make an application to the Electoral Commission to change its name to ‘The Independent Group for Change’.

The statement concluded that the party “remained determined… to tackle the big issues facing the country”.

Earlier in June, the party announced six MPs had quit to create a separate independent group.

Former leader Heidi Allen was one of the six MPs to leave, along with ex-Labour MPs Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger.

The split took place just four months after the 11 Conservative and Labour MPs formed the party.

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