Change UK split confirms politics is 'broken'

Lib Dem Layla Moran: Change UK split shows ‘how broken politics is’

Change UK failed to win a single seat in the European elections in May

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran has said that the splintering-off of six Change UK MPs from their party shows “how broken politics is”.

She told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright that no one should “gloat” after the six quit the party on Tuesday, leaving five MPs.

“They are all people who, even before when they were part of the Tories and Labour, I had enormous respect for.

“When they did leave the party that was a huge decision and everyone across the house thought 'wow, these people are really standing up for their values.'

“Then they created Change UK and I don’t think what has happened to them is anything to gloat about. I think all it is showing is how broken politics is.”

The MPs said they left to work "cross party and respond flexibly” and that their priority was “to provide collegiate leadership to bring people together in the national interest”.

The split of the pro-Remain party, formerly known as the Independent Group, came after it failed to win a seat in the European elections.

Ms Moran said Change UK’s failing was a sign that "the binary politics we have in the UK is not working”.

However, the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon said it would be great if the newly independent MPs wanted to join the Liberal Democrats.

“We have been very clear that the Liberal Democrats are the natural home for Remain voters and we have had a massive membership surge since the Euros,” she said.

The Liberal Democrats came second in May’s election winning 16 seats, behind the Brexit Party that won the most seats with 29.

“The big difference between the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party is that we have an established membership, and a whole host of party policies behind us," she added.

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