Channel 4’s new plastic surgery reality show described as ‘despicable’ by leading cosmetic surgeon

Channel 4’s new plastic surgery reality show described as ‘despicable’ by leading cosmetic surgeon

Surgeons have criticised Channel 4's new programme Surjury with one calling it 'despicable'.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Gerard Lambe, a leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon has described the new Channel 4 reality show, which sees a panel voting on whether young people get plastic surgery, as “despicable”.

Newly-commissioned show The Surjury observes young people pitching ideas for their dream surgeries to convince a jury of peers and experts to approve their life-changing operations.

He told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “I think it is despicable and I don’t think it is something we should accept. The public gets what the public wants.

“Until we change our minds and decide that this is not the sort of thing we want to be viewing and not the sort of standards that we want to be setting then it will carry on – that is rather depressing I’m afraid.”

He added: “The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who try to set to gold standard for what people should go through and this is just the worst thing ever in our view.

“It trivialises it and makes it entertainment. It is not entertainment.

“The choice to have cosmetic surgery and the process you should go through before it is absolutely critical. The counselling is absolutely critical and a jury is just appalling.”



Mr Lambe said that he was not aware of any communication between Channel 4 and BAAPS.

“There are numerous members of BAAPS who are expressing their dissatisfaction and how horrified they are at the whole idea of the programme,” he added.

“So as far as I am aware there was no contact whatsoever.”

The show has been commissioned by Channel 4 from Gobstsopper Television.

Ross McCarthy, executive producer for Gobstopper, said when the show was first announced: "This is a totally new way of doing peer-to-peer advice. Our pitchers will either get the surgery they've always wanted, or a massive boost in confidence when the public rules they don't need work at all."

Channel 4 has been asked for comment following the criticism.