Charlie Gard: Parents to return to High Court to ask to take him home to die

Charlie Gard: High Court Judge hopes lessons can be learned

Chris Gard and Connie Yates dropped their legal battle on Monday

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charlie Gard's parents will return to the High Court today to ask to take him home to die, according to Sky News.

Charlie's life support machine is due to be switched off within days after his parents abandoned their months-long legal fight to take the 11-month-old to America for experimental treatment yesterday (July 24).

Chris Gard and Connie Yates believed the treatment could have given their son, who has a rare terminal illness known as mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a chance of recovery.

However they gave up the case after extensive consultation with medical experts, including the American doctor who has pioneered the trial treatment. Lawyers for the couple said they’d made the “most painful of decisions” after they had learned their son had deteriorated to the point of “no return.”

Doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital, who faced Gard and Yates in court, had argued that the treatment would not help Charlie as his illness was too far advanced and he had sustained brain damage.

Charlie's parents, however, criticised the hospital yesterday for refusing to allow doctors from overseas to treat their baby.

In a statement outside the court, Yates said: “Had Charlie been given the treatment sooner he would have had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy.

“The last 11 nearly 12 months have been the best, the worst and ultimately life changing months of our lives, but Charlie is Charlie and we wouldn’t change him for the world. All our efforts have been for him.

“We are about to do the hardest thing that we’ll ever have to do which is to let our beautiful little Charlie go.”