Charlottesville city leaders vote to remove another Confederate statue

Charlottesville council votes to remove another confederate general statue

The council has voted to remove the statue

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Members of the city council in Charlottesville have unanimously voted to remove a statue of Confederate General Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson from Justice Park.

The vote of 5-0 which took place yesterday (September 5) is also expected to speed up the relocation of Robert E Lee's statue, which sparked violent protests last month.

Councillor Bob Fenwick said both statues should be in a museum. Some sympathists have suggested that the memory of the memory of the Confederacy will be wiped out if the monuments are moved, Fenwick pointed out that he knows of no statues of George Washington in Charlottesville but people still know about his history.

A vote was also held last month about covering up the statues and the majority of council members voted in favour. This came after a meeting where residents complained about the response to white supremacist protests held over the Robert E Lee statue.

Local governments are not allowed to remove, damage or deface war monuments due to a 1998 state law, however it is not legally clear whether this ruling applies to pieces displayed before the law was passed.