Charlottesville crisis: Twitter account names and shames white supremacists

Twitter account attempts to name and shame white supremacists marching in Charlottesville

Many also protested against white supremacy

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Twitter account is attempting to name those who took part in the white supremacist rally in Virginia which ended in a woman being killed.

The account is also calling for those who attended to rally to be sacked from their jobs, according to Buzzfeed.

The rally started on Friday to protest against the removal of a statue of former Confederate genral Robert E Lee, but it turned violent as a car was driven into a crowd, leaving one dead and several injured. A helicopter crash near the event also killed two state troopers.

Many photos were shared of the protest and now Twitter account @YesYoureRacist is calling on others to help identify those in the images so they can be shamed publicly.

The account first started work in 2012 against racist people and the man who runs it told Buzzfeed: "I’ve been using this account to call out racists on Twitter in real life for nearly five years.

"So when all of these photos started popping up from the torch rally Friday night and the alt-right march on Saturday, I figured it was only natural that I would continue to call them out."

He also explained that he has friends who travelled to Charlottesville to "counter-protest the Nazis" and added "I'm a white guy, but I feel very strongly that white people have a responsibility to fight racism and all bigotry whenever they see it."

The man also claimed that white people are passively supporting white supremacists by doing nothing to confront them.

The account so far has named a student called Peter Cvjetanovic, whose identity was confirmed by a local news team. Cvjetanovic has an account on Twitter and is a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

It has also named an employee at a Top Dog hot dog stand in California, and the management of Top Dog told Buzzfeed that the employee no longer works for the company as of Saturday (August 12).

The company also told Buzzfeed that it does not support "the actions of those in Charlottesville."