Ched Evans father-in-law says police wanted to 'catch a big fish' rather than pursue the truth

Ched Evans seen playing for Sheffield United

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ched Evans' father-in-law says the police were more interested in catching "a big fish" than pursuing the truth in the footballer's rape case.

Evans spent two-and-a-half for the rape of a teenage waitress in a hotel room, before he was aquitted in October. 

Karl Massey, whose daughter was with Evans at the time the rape allegations broke and has recently married him, has given his first-ever broadcast interview to talkRADIO, explaining why he stuck by Evans despite the shocking allegations against him and continued to support him even after his conviction.

Massey told Julia Hartley-Brewer he and his family are not "looking at the way police handled the investigation, because from what I've seen it was only designed to convict, not discover the truth.

"He was a white working-class footballer who was earning a lot of money, he was a big fish, he was very successful, and he was available to be charged. It was a very good catch for the North Wales police.

"It's a very dangerous time to be a drunk man."

Earlier Massey told Julia that he originally turned his back on Evans when the rape allegations emerged but changed his mind when the footballer, who now plays for Chesterfield, told him everything.

Listen to the interview above, and keep visting for further segments from this extraordinary interview.