Chelsea Manning released from prison

Manning released material about the US army to transparency website Wikileaks

Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in jail in 2013 but saw her sentence commuted by Barack Obama

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

US army whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been released from prison, the US army has confirmed. 

Manning was sentenced to 35 years' incarceration in 2013 for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks during the Iraq war.

However the former US army analyst, previously known as Bradley, saw her sentence commuted by Barack Obama during his final days of office.

The documents released by Manning included a classified video entitled Collateral Murder, which is thought to show the US military shooting civilians in New Baghdad, including two Reuters staffers.

A message was posted on her Twitter profile last week, reading: “Freedom was only a dream, and hard to imagine. Now it’s here! You kept me alive."

During her time in jail Manning participated in a hunger strike in a protest against the conditions at Fort Leavenworth prison.