Chemical spill in Kansas puts schools in lockdown

Chemical spill in Kansas causes schools closures and evacuations

Schools have been closed due to the incident (Getty)

Friday, October 21, 2016

A chemical incident at MGP Ingredients in Kansas has caused the facility to be evacuated and schools to be closed, according to reports from the Atchison Globe and News Press Now.

Atchison County Emergency Manager Wes Lanter has told the public to avoid the area, saying that the smoke coming from MGP Ingredients is chemical-related.

He also said the area north of the incident has been evacuated, as the smoke could impair breathing.

Nearby residents have also been told to stay indoors and close all windows.

U.S. Highways 59 and 73 and Kansas Highway 7 have also been closed, Kim Qualls from the Kansas Department of Transportation announced.

Both staff and students at Atchison Elementary School were told to stay inside the building. Maur Hill-Mount Academy is on lockdown and other nearby schools have been evacuated and closed.