Chief whip Mark Spencer ‘hacked’ with cat tweet

The cat image was posted to Mark Spencer's Twitter

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Chief whip Mark Spencer said he was “hacked” after an unintelligible tweet was posted along with an image of a cat.

The tweet featured the Italian flag and a police emjoi, alongside a picture of a cat captioned “NO NO NO NO NO NO”.

A few minutes later Mr Spencer said it “looks like I’ve been hacked” and deleted the tweet.

The feline-themed social media post came as others including the Prime Minister celebrated International Cat Day.

On Twitter Boris Johnson wished Downing Street’s “chief mouser” Larry a “very happy International Cat Day”.

Larry has been a long-serving civil servant, having arrived at 10 Downing Street in 2011.

He was a rescued stray cat intended to be a pet for David Cameron’s children, however he has remained tied to Downing Street as its leaders have come and gone.

Larry could soon be facing down an intruder as Mr Johnson is considering introducing a dog to the Prime Minister’s residence.

Meanwhile the Labour Party posted an image of Jeremy Corbyn and his cat El Gato reading The Grapes Of Wrath.

In 2016 Mr Corbyn said he was concerned El Gato was a “bit of a Tory” because of a “lack of concern for others”.

However a year later the mood had changed and Mr Corbyn said his pet had “socialist tendencies” and was allowing a stray cat to share his food.

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