'Children are being pushed down the route of being transgender', says social theorist

'Children are being pushed down the route of being transgender', says social theorist

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans has raised concerns about diagnosing children

Monday, March 5, 2018

Children are being 'socially transgendered', forced to believe they are in the wrong body.

That's according to Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, a social theorist and philosopher who has been sacked by the Women's Equality Party for her controversial views.

Brunskell-Evans appeared on talkRADIO to clarify her view that some parents, and medical professionals, are too quick to diagnose children as being trapped in the wrong body.

Brunskell-Evans told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "To even socially transgender a child, [which means they start publicly identifying as the opposite gender] for example at the age of three, four, five or whatever, seems to me very problematic.

"In that process of transgendering a child...you give the child an understanding that it really is the wrong gender and therefore you’re pushing the child along a certain route.

"I have done a study of the science around this and it isn’t at all clear cut that it is even possible to be in the wrong body."

According to Brunskell-Evans, some medical experts are quick to conclude that "if you’re a boy and you don’t want to do macho things...that there may be a problem with that child, [that] he may be really a girl.

"I think once you step over that line then that’s actually quite serious because a lot of things follow on from that."

She explained "I was told that I should wear dresses" but "I did climb the trees and my dresses got torn." However "I just thank goodness that I didn’t live in a society that said that, because I had those desires, that therefore I was a boy."

Brunskell-Evans added "it really shouldn't be labelled as transphobia" to raise concerns, but many people are afraid to speak out about worries and concerns even though they are not transphobic people.

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