Children being kept as slaves on Mars, claims conspiracy theorist praised by Donald Trump

Nasa confirms there are no humans on Mars, after conspiracy theories suggest children live there as slaves

Nasa says there are no humans on Mars

Monday, July 3, 2017

A conspiracy theorist praised by Donald Trump has claimed children are being kept in a colony on Mars.

Activist Robert David Steele appeared on the Alex Jones radio show and said that he believes there is an area of the red planet reserved for children who were kidnapped and sent to space by Nasa.

He then claimed that, once the children reach the red planet, they then have no choice other than becoming a slave to the Martian colony.

In the same programme, Jones - who once had a furious exchange with Piers Morgan on gun control - claimed thousands of "chimeras" have been spawned as part of the project and are now living amongst us. You can listen to the exchange here, from 2:20.

Trump praised Steele during his election campaign, and earlier this year Jones told the New York Times Trump occasionally rings him for advice - which might trouble some readers.

Nasa didn't immediately respond to the claims about children living on Mars, but spokesman Guy Webster has categorically said there are no humans on Mars.