Children descend on Parliament in climate change demonstration

Climate Change

Friday, February 15, 2019

Thousands of school pupils have gathered in Westminster as part of a nationwide protest against climate change.

Children across the country staged a walk out from school at 11am today in an effort to get the government to lower the voting age to 16, and declare a climate emergency.

A group of pupils in Westminster, London. Image: SWNS

Protesters in London marched from Parliament Square to Downing Street holding placards and bringing traffic to a standstill, with chants including "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" and "F*** Theresa May".

The protest has been organised by Youth Strike 4 Climate, with schoolchildren from 60 towns and cities across the UK taking part.

Teens carrying placards near Parliament. Image: SWNS

However, some attendees used the protest as an excuse to take a day off school.

A group of teens holding a placard reading 'We’re only here for a day off skl', said: "We think that climate change is bulls**t - there’s too many feminazis here, too.”

The teenagers said they had travelled to the capital from Brighton for "a fun day out."