'Children grow up thinking cannabis is OK and it ruins their lives', says National Drug Prevention Alliance

'Children grow up thinking cannabis is ok and it ruins their lives', says National Drug Prevention Alliance

Some parents are smoking cannabis outside schools (Stock image)

Monday, February 5, 2018

Children believing that smoking cannabis is acceptable can cause them to take the drug, and it can ruin their lives, a drug prevention charity has said.

The headteacher at Dean Bank Primary and Nursery School in County Durham has sent out a letter to parents asking them to stop smoking cannabis at the school gates. The police have been criticised by some for a "soft-touch" approach to cannabis.

Parenting coach Sue Atkins told Julia Hartley-Brewer a culture has been created "where it’s ok to just pick up your kids half-stoned. Then of course, children are being taught that’s OK, so that then becomes a generational problem."

David Raynes from the National Drug Prevention Alliance also said that secondary school pupils that start using the drug themselves "become unteachable".

He explained "the signs of that behaviour are very easy to spot" as they have an "inability to concentrate" so don't reach their academic potential. "It ruins their lives, actually," he added.

He believes "both the police and crime commissioner and the chief constable have made a lot of noise about opposing the law which makes cannabis illegal", but they should simply have spoken to the Home Secretary.

Raynes added: "Unfortunately, in Durham they’ve given out signals that cannabis is never going to be prosecuted."

Julia challenged his point, arguing: "the job of the police is to enforce the law that is set by Parliament. It's not up to the police to choose which laws they enforce – they should be out of a job shouldn't they?"

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