China must stop propping up North Korea's tin-pot economy, says defence expert

North Korea: 'The ball is in China's court and it needs to deal with the situation', says journalist

The UN security council has held an emergency meeting

Monday, September 4, 2017

China needs to deal with North Korea and stop enabling Pyongyang to work on nuclear weapons, according to a defence journalist. 

The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has said "only the strongest sanctions" will resolve tensions between North Korea and America diplomatically. She also said countries doing business with the North are aiding its nuclear ambitions.

The Sun's defence editor David Willetts told Sam Delaney: "China is the key to this. I wonder if what [America is] saying to the UN is 'China you’ve got to scale back, you don't self-generate the ability to create a hydrogen bomb.

"That means stop propping up its tin-pot economy and stop financing. It may well be direct but even by an arms length, by supporting their economy, you are supporting their weapons programme."

Willetts also questions what China's plan is, and wonders whether it is "using North Korea as a proxy to test America’s resolve in the region."

However he added "I don’t think we’re going for a nuclear holocaust yet" but China have "got to show their hand."

"The ball is in their court," he believes. "It’s for China to deal with North Korea really, I wonder how far they can test Donald Trump on this.

"I don’t think the West will strike first, that’s still my position. They'll wait for the North Koreans to do something."

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