Chinese annual variety show criticised for 'racist blackface skit'

Chinese annual variety show criticised for 'racist blackface skit'

The show featured a woman in blackface (Credit: CCTV)

Friday, February 16, 2018

An annual variety programme in China has been criticised for a "racist" skit which featured an Asian woman in blackface.

The woman was also wearing a fake bottom to make her posterior appear bigger and a bowl of fruit on her head, according to The Telegraph.

The Spring Festival Gala is thought to be the most watched TV show in the world, with an audience of up to 800 million people.

During the sketch an African woman asked the presenter of the show if he would act as her boyfriend to avoid a blind date.

The actress playing the mother of the woman was the Asian woman in blackface who had a "pet monkey.”

At the end of the piece the mother spoke about the love Africa has for Chinese people and China itself, which some believe was intended to show good relations between the two.

Many criticised the skit on Twitter, as well as the Chinese equivalent of the site, Weibo.

One Twitter user said it was "cringeworthy at best, completely racist at worst."

A Weibo user commented: "I really can't believe what I just watched. This show gets worse every year."

The programme is created by state broadcaster China Central Television. Content is usually subject to strict vetting before being shown.