Chinese Ikea advert slammed for being 'sexist and twisted'

Chinese Ikea advert slammed for being 'sexist and twisted'

Ikea has been criticised for a sexist advert

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ikea is to change its TV advert in China, after many slammed the original commercial for being sexist.

The advert features a mother speaking to her daughter. She says “don’t call me your mum if you cannot bring a boyfriend."

The girl then invites a man who she says is her boyfriend to their home, leading to the parents changing their dining table to a banquet table with items from Ikea.

A caption says “celebrate everyday easily” at the end of the advert, according to The South China Morning Post.

After the advert was released it received a deluge of criticism on Chinese social media site Weibo. One user slammed it as “sexist and twisted" and another said “I just want to ask Ikea would they dare to show such an advert in their home country, Sweden?”

Another commented “whether having a romantic partner or not is one’s own business and does not need any interference from others, let alone an advertisement." This gained more than 4,000 likes and roughly 3,000 shares.

A spokesperson for Ikea China has now said that it had received some comments showing that the advert "has given people bad feelings."

The spokesperson  said Ikea will immediately “replace our television commercial with a new version that [will] focus on showing the solution," however they added that, due to the process involved, it will take a few days before viewers see the new ad.

The Chinese controversy comes just days after Ikea was blasted for suggesting its drills should be placed in a "man drawer."

The idea was printed in the Ikea catalogue on a page discussing storage ideas and said “leave your drill in your man drawer,” according to The Sun.