Chinese people will boycott United Airlines, says Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong

The video has been viewed over 120 million times in China

Footage of the incident has gone viral and caused outrage in China

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A leading Chinese-American comedian has said it is highly likely Chinese people will boycott United Airlines following the passenger ejection furore.

Joe Wong says "anger is very high" in China, but doesn't think the government will sanction an official boycott because there is no proof the victim is actually a Chinese national.

Wong, who has appeared several times on the Late Show and headlined the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner, spoke to talkRADIO about the furore that has enguled United Airlines since footage emerged of its staff manhandling a passenger on Sunday.

The passenger was asked to disembark when it emerged that the plane was overbooked, and then dragged off when he refused. As he was dragged away, he was heard saying they had singled him out because he was of Chinese extraction.

The footage has been viewed over 120 million times in China and many have talked of boycotting the airline.

Wong, currently based in Beijing, said: "There will be Chinese boycotting UA. I for sure won't use that damn airline. 

"The anger is very high in China because the treatment they gave a ticket-holding passenger, and because many mainstream media outlets and talkshow hosts wouldn't mention the victim's Chinese. If the victim were a black person, this will be almost certainly a racial incident.

"[But] I don't foresee the Chinese government boycotting the airline, one reason bind the victim is not a Chinese citizen."