Chinese TV drama 'hired black extras to play burnt corpses'

Chinese TV drama accused of racism after 'hiring black extras to play burnt corpses'

The two extras played bodies in a cemetery (Stock image)

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Chinese drama has been accused of racism after a social media user claims to have spotted two black extras acting as burnt corpses.

A screenshot was posted online on Wednesday (March 29) from the second series of the detective show Young Justice Bao (Shaonian Baoqingtian), according to Sputnik.

In a scene from episode 37, first broadcast in 2001 but still available online, two burnt bodies slouched in coffins are seen in a cemetery, however neither of the bodies appear to be props or even people in make-up. A screenshot can be seen below.

Social media user ChenxiZhongdeMogu said: "Only watching it again did I see that [the show] used two black men to stand in for charred bodies…I almost laughed to death."

Other social media users commented on the show's apparent choice, with one saying "If this was the US, there'd be yelling all the way to the White House."

Another said: "Aren't we afraid our black brothers will misunderstand this kind of vulgar news? The media creates fear of Japan and S. Korea, and now racism. This reflects the sad state of Chinese law, and the education level among Chinese."

The programme included actors who went on to become some of China's biggest stars, including the hugely popular Fan Bingbing and Tong Dawei.

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