Chris Williamson: 'I don't think Labour would win' no confidence motion

Chris Williamson: 'I don't think Labour would win' no confidence motion

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Labour MP and Jeremy Corbyn supporter Chris Williamson has said that there would be “no point” in Labour tabling a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister, despite Mr Corbyn’s threats to bring one.

Mr Williamson said that Theresa May’s announcement that the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal would take place in the third week of January was down to Labour pressure.

“I think it was thanks to the pressure from the Labour party that forced the government into naming a date,” he said, and criticised the “hypocrisy” of some Brexiteers.

“One thing that’s pretty clear from the fact she’s unwilling to have this debate is that she fears she might lose it. It’s exposed the hypocrisy of some Tory rebels like Jacob Rees-Mogg, who last week said she had lost the confidence of the house, but now says he has her confidence after winning the vote.”

But Julia Hartley-Brewer disputed that it was Labour who’d backed Mrs May into rescheduling the vote.

“Corbyn didn’t force the government into naming a date, we already knew it was going to be before the 21st January,” she said.  

“I don’t think that’s fair, she’s prevaricated and delayed and we all thought we were going to have a vote, and the fact she’s named a date is progress,” Mr Williamson responded.


'I don't think we'd win'

On Labour tabling a no confidence motion, Mr Williamson appeared to think it was unlikely.

“There’s no point putting a motion of no confidence now, I don’t think we’d win it,” he said. “Some people calling for it don’t want a vote of no confidence, they want to move straight into having another referendum, which would be a democratic outrage.”

He added that he thought the best course of action would be for Labour to stick to their plan of “forcing an election after a vote on the deal”.