Chris Williamson: ‘Jeremy Corbyn has spent his entire life fighting discrimination’

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Labour MP has accused the “establishment” of putting a “black mark” against Jeremy Corbyn in the three years he’s been leader for.

Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, joined Matthew Wright on talkRADIO to reflect on the last three years with Jeremy at the helm.

The MP argued that the party has made “extraordinary progress” under Corbyn but their progress has been undermined by a number of “doubting Thomas’s”.

 “I think the Labour party has made extraordinary progress in the three years since Jeremy was elected,” he said.

“We are now the biggest centre-left party in western Europe, we’ve got considerably more members than all of the other political parties in the UK put together, we have a policy programme - where if you actually break down the individual policies are supported between 70-80% of the public - we’ve inspired people who have previously been switched off politics, we got the biggest vote totals at the last election but sadly not quite enough

“We’ve made a lot of progress, but there is a number of doubting Thomas’s, if I can put it like that, who I think have undermined the progress that we have made and sadly some of them are in parliament.”



Time for Labour to ‘come together’

Williamson went on to admit that some of the opposition to Jeremy Corbyn actually comes from inside the Labour party.

He called for those who doubted the leader to come together in order to “defeat” the Conservative party.

“Many of those who were uncomfortable about Jeremy being elected in the first place I think were pleasantly surprised or unpleasantly surprised where we had the biggest vote share since 1945, but I think what is important now is the parliamentary Labour party to come together and defeat the Conservative party,” he said.


‘Black mark’

During Corbyn’s time as leader Williamson argued that he’s faced “smears” and in some cases “fake news” stories.

The current antisemitism row enthralling the party, is, as he described, “blown out of proportion”.

“It was an attempt by the establishment, by the forces who control the media which isn’t balanced in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“When you consider the vast majority of the print media is owned by four tax exiled billionaires, and they clearly want the status quo to prevail.

“I don’t accept there’s this public perception, you say it’s a black mark against Jeremy, people just aren’t listening they’re tuning out of this nonsense they recognise that this is just a lie.

“Jeremy might be perceived as someone that people have a problem with in terms of his economic agenda and so on, but everybody acknowledges that Jeremy has spent his entire life fighting discrimination and standing up to racism in all its forms.”