Chris Williamson MP: 'You've been duped by the Daily Mail' about Corbyn

Chris Williamson MP: 'You've been duped by the Daily Mail' about Corbyn

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Labour MP Chris Williamson has said the fact that Jeremy Corbyn attended a memorial in Tunisia at a cemetery where associates of Palestinian terror group Black September are buried has been “weaponised” and used in an attempt to “demonise and undermine” the Labour leader.

Speaking to James Whale, Williamson said: “You’ve been duped by the Daily Mail”.

“He’s spent his life fighting anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, he’s a man of peace,” he said.

“Why is he laying wreaths for terrorists?” asked co-host Ash.


'Corbyn won't return talkRADIO's calls'

“He was holding a wreath, but it was a commemoration for an Israeli air strike in 1985 against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s headquarters which were located in Tunisia,” Williamson responded.

“That was condemned around the world including by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan at the time. The Daily Mail, the Sun and a lot of people have been duped by it, people have used this disgracefully, weaponised it and tried to demonise and undermine Jeremy Corbyn.”

Whale said that Corbyn “never [returns] our calls” when asked to appear on talkRADIO.

“I’ll tell you how we can sort this problem out. When I worked on another radio station, Jeremy Corbyn used to come in before he was leader and chat to us quite regularly. Here, on talkRADIO, he’ll never return our calls. Ask him to come on my show just with me and Ash one evening, and we can have a little chat and maybe alleviate all these fears,” he said.

“I’ve just alleviated those fears!” Williamson replied.

“I’ve made it clear, Jeremy’s made it clear, how many more times has he got to make it clear, some people are not prepared to listen. He has fought racism, violence all his life."

On Monday 14 August, Williamson also appeared on Newsnight to defend Corbyn, and pointed out that none of the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich Massacre are buried in the cemetery the Labour leader visited.