Chuka Umunna: PM risks becoming ‘President Trump’s poodle’

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Chuka Umunna has criticised Boris Johnson’s “close relationship” with Donald Trump as the UK hosts a summit of the 29 Nato leaders.

“With us leaving the European Union, the UK Prime Minister, in particular Boris Johnson, becomes ever-reliant on a US president for trade deals and other things standing in the world.

“And the risk is you just end up becoming President Trump’s poodle,” he told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Mr Johnson sought to bring harmony to the summit of the political and military alliance today, reminding leaders that the mission of keeping people safe is “one for all and all for one”.

He drew on the famous quote from The Three Musketeers after tensions appeared to surface – French president Emanuel Macron yesterday said Nato was experiencing a “brain-death”.

Mr Trump shot back at the remarks, saying they were “very, very nasty” and “disrespectful” to other leaders.

Mr Umunna also insisted there was still a “big risk” that the NHS will be put up for sale in a UK-US trade deal, despite Mr Trump saying America “wants nothing to do with it”.

WATCH: Jeremy Hunt says there is 'no shred of evidence' that the NHS is for sale.

The question over the impact on the health service of a post-brexit transatlantic trade deal has loomed large over the general election, with Labour claiming a 451-page document proved it to be “on the table”.

However, former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt told talkRADIO it was a “traditional Labour scare story” backed by “no shred of evidence”.

He claimed the Conservatives were “passionate about the NHS” and warned that a risk to the service would be “if the economy tanks” under Labour’s “hard left policies”.

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